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Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by OutInSmoke, Oct 15, 2017.

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  1. OutInSmoke Guild Trialist

    Personal Info:
    I'm 27, living in Bulgaria, still studying. I like challenges in games as well as IRL.

    Character: OutInSmoke

    Battletag : AntiCool#21141

    Class/Spec: Warrior/Arms. Confortable playing fury as well, whichever is more viable in the current content. (Played fury in the Nighthold)

    My Specs Information :
    68 Traits on Arms/ Got all legendaries / ~933 ilvl
    66 Traits on Fury/ Got all legendaries / ~934 ilvl
    53 Traits on Protection/ Got all legendaries / ~929 ilvl
    944 ilvl on paper

    Short explanation about my main spec :
    Stats: Mastery>Haste>Versatility>Crit=Str. Although mastery was nerfed quite a few times it still is the best stat - nerfing made the diminishing return cap go even higher which made it even stronger:) Currently abit lower than desired haste percentage (13.5% bottom cap), weekly chest loves to pop high crit items, thanks blizz ^^

    Alts: Don't have any yet.

    Availability: Playing alot atm so avilable for both raiding days. Should something come up I can tell at least 2 days before.

    Professions: Alchemy , Hearbalism

    Raiding/PVP Experience: Im Playing Since January 2017 - almost start of Legion :)
    Trial of Valor – 3/3 Mythic (cutting edge)
    The Nighthold – 10/10 Mythic (cutting edge)
    Tomb of Sargeras – Demonic inquisition and Harjatan on the second week of the content, after that I stopped raiding.

    Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/LsvZE Don't judge me :D

    Computer / Connection:
    I don't have any internet problems (Download speed 3 - 5Mb). PC: Intel Core i3; 8GB RAM; NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti; 400GB SSD. Not the best conf out there yet more than enough for wow, haven't had any problems yet.

    Communication: I speak fluent English, I've got both ts and discord.

    Other Games: Im Playing Hearthstone, Chess, Overwatch, Heroes of the storm and many more. Mostly WoW and Hearthstone.

    Previous Guilds:
    Faithless - Kazzak. Have had alot of fun, and still see some of the members IRL. Although I play alot, four days of raiding there is too much of an obligation for me.

    Why Coalesence and Where did i hear it ?
    I play with Teila and Lexi long before I got into WoW:) Hence, i play with them since my day 1. Also have spent some time in M+ with Betrix (I got Betrixed a few times :D)
    That said, I want to join because of the progress being achieved with 2 days of raiding and the level of playing (you guys killed Gul'Dan a week before my ex guild and we did 4 days of looong raiding :D) Also 2 days of riding is what I desire. I hope I can fill in and meet the exepctations :)
    I strive for perfection and always look for new challanges. Trying to reach the top warrior level as much as i can:) Being friend with (one of) the best warrior - Megaboost helps alot :D

    Time Played : 86 days, 14 hours
    Timed Played this level: 85 dayes, 7 hours
  2. Thomas New Member

    Hey Out! This guy is two thumbs up!:) good luck with ur apply mate! Also gettin Betrixed is a good thing:)
  3. Southpaw Administrator

    Hi OutInSmoke

    Thanks for your app. We will discuss your application as soon as possible and have a response for you before the weekly reset!
  4. Southpaw Administrator


    We'd like to give you a trial spot! Contact an officer for an invite (or poke anyone else you know in guild to find us!)
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