It's that time of year!

Discussion in 'Public Chat' started by Ikky, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Tel Generic Rogue

    After 6 years, I'm still so shit at this game. Seriously, how the hell do ppl get those scores? I get like 20 seconds in and crash and burn over and over!
  2. Tel Generic Rogue

  3. lvl Guild Member

  4. Alrix Coal Boss Mod of Choice!

    alittle early in the year, but bumping to entertain the peoples in ques and just to annoy tel lol :D
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  5. Asphyxion Guild Casuals

  6. Alrix Coal Boss Mod of Choice!

  7. Lorien petit Fran├žais

    You truly are evil incarnate Alrix! :D
  8. Emmy Homo.

    Best game in the wurlds
  9. bizKid Guild Casuals

    HO HO HO!
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  10. Alrix Coal Boss Mod of Choice!

    really... this is like a tradition now lol
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  11. Alrix Coal Boss Mod of Choice!

    I think hutchy needs to bring back the arcade!
  12. Tel Generic Rogue

    I'm STILL awful at this. every year i spend hours at it, until i get so pissed off that i give up for another year :p
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  13. Itzy Bitzy

    Surely someone has made a non-Flash version of this by now?
  14. Tall is Short

    Woohoo! Belljumpingrabbittime!
    Ding, ding, ding ding..
  15. Asphyxion Guild Casuals

  16. Hutchy Small but deadly


  17. Emmy Homo.

    Its not even december yet...

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