Demon hunter (dps havoc,vengence?)

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by Suicidesheep, Jun 19, 2017.

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  1. Suicidesheep Guild Trialist

    Apologies for the previous version of my application, I was not in the right state of mind

    Suicidesheep : Demon hunter (Havoc)

    You're guild was suggested to me by some friends that are currently raiding with you and looking at your wow progress your raid times fit me good that's why i applyed to you and i saw that you are in need of a demon hunter and that's why i applyed and in the end it's best to play with friends.

    Reasons?Well Coalescence is one of the best 2 day raiding guilds on kazzak that's why i would like to be apart of it and it has my dear friends inside.I believe Coalescence would be a great fit for me that is if you would have me i'm a decent raider... mainly i want to join because you guys are 2 days raiding guild and fit my schedule the best atm...
    A bit about myself now my name is Mark Benjamin , yes i have to names ... i have been playing wow since cataclysm but like i mentioned in previus application.. i did not raid in that time ... when pandaria came i stoped playing wow until warlords of dreanor released and then i swaped realms from daggerspine to kazzak and there i meet my slovenian guild Ikona i was in it for almost 2 years but due to low roster it disbanded i joined verge soon after that and it disbanded aswel...Now i'm in need of another guild cuz unlike previus expantionts i'm driven to raid and progress!
    I have spoken to Floiky recently he helped me to make an application here he told me he had a good laugh at the first application and asked me nicley to write another one whic is totaly undestandble... like i said was not in write state of mind when i wrote the previus one.
    Past games :
    When i was not playing wow i was playing some difrent mmo's like Rift is a good copy of wow u might know it might not... other than that i enyoy playing survival games like for instance 7 days to die,dayz.... i like to play fps games too but not as much as i love to play wow iven if i do start playing other games i always find my way back to WoW
    Raiding Experience
    Warlords of dreanor :
    HM : 7/7M
    HFC:11/13M (Due to guild took a brake)

    EM : 7/7M
    NH : 10/10M

    Did not raid in previus expantions due to not being intrested in pve mainy pvp .... but things change.
    Time played :Timless hours spent in wow ...

    Characters: Suícídesheep(DH)

    Bïowolf (Monk)ïowolf

    Logs: :ícídesheep

    PvE (M+ / Raiding) : Angry assignments , Angry Keystones, Exorsus Raid Tools, RCLootCouncil,Skada,Tidy Plates, WeakAuras 2, DBM.
    PvP (Arena Mostly) : Gladius

    Can make it pretty much to every raid / raids so far my attendance has been 100% should it happen that i will not be attending i will let one of the officers raid leaders know.
    Why would Coalescence want me?
    I think i could be a suitable raider to your team. Im driven to progress and i have 100% attendance!

    Thank you for reading my application !
  2. Suicidesheep Guild Trialist

    Apologies for the previous version of my application, I was not in the right state of mind
  3. Rakin Administrator

    Hello Mark,

    We'd like to have a chat with you regarding your application. Find an officer online when you're available.
  4. Rakin Administrator

    We have decided to offer you a trial spot on our roster.
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